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Capture and share the most interesting places in the world

Turn your favorite photos into a beautiful journal of the spots you love, then share them with anyone or everyone. Spot uses the location information found in your photos to automatically create the spots in your journal and build a map of where you shot each photo.

Share a list of your spots privately or with everyone by making a spotcast—an interactive map and photo album.. Post them to Twitter, Facebook—anywhere. Discover great new spots by following other people’s spotcasts.

Explore the best spots around you wherever you are. Spot knows where you are so it can show you nearby places. Search and filter what’s around you, and get notifications when you are close to a spot you really wanted to check out.

Camera Create your journal by taking pictures.
Nearby Be reminded when you’re nearby.
Remember Group and filter your spots with stickers.
Location See and search spots around you.
Spotcast Be an inspiration: make a Spotcast.
Spotcast Find your spot: explore other Spotcasts.

Get out there and Spot it.


Be an urban explorer: chart your neighborhood as you walk around and let Spot remind you next time you’re near that amazing new Ramen joint—you know, the one in the East Village that has that pot of stock boiling away all the time.


Make a Spotcast of that sun-soaked trip you took to the Barcelona—including the corner bodegas where you had those crispy little fried whole fish and cold beer—and share it with your friends so they can find them when they go.


Take a leisurely walk around your city and map the architecture that inspires you in rich photographic detail. Then make a Spotcast and post it on Twitter so anyone can follow in your footsteps.


Explore Spotcasts around you and uncover curated lists in rich, photographic detail of whatever you’re interested in—coffee, art, nature—you name it.


Go location scouting for your film and add the right locations to your journal. Once you have the perfect list, create a Spotcast to give to your producer, attract Brad Pitt to star in your film, and become famous.


Take a picture of shoes you really love wherever you see them and tag them with a sticker. The next time you feel the urge to buy shoes, open up Spot and filter by that sticker, then visit every store on the list.